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Aging in Appalachia: Seniors’ Want to Stay at Home as They Age -- But is That the Best Option?External Link
The percentage of West Virginia adults aged 60 and older is growing more rapidly than any other part of the population. And most of them, like 91-year-old Paige Omohundro, want to stay home as they age. Omohundro has lived in her modest two-story brick home for 54 years and wants to stay as long as possible. But she can barely handle steps these days -- which is a big problem because once you get into her home you HAVE to climb stairs. The front door opens onto a small landing leading onto a split staircase. She said she’s thought about buying a stairlift, but would have to buy two -- one for each side -- and they’re expensive, costing more than one grand, sometimes several thousand, apiece. “I just don’t go downstairs very much,” she said. “I go when I have to -- my laundry room is down there. Usually when my daughter comes over, she’ll carry my laundry down for me or bring it back up, so that’s a big help.” But staying in her home is vital to her sense of well-being. “I guess I’ve
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Wary of Lawmakers, Teachers Continue StrikeExternal Link
On this West Virginia Morning, despite the West Virginia House of Delegates effectively killing a long, sweeping and controversial education reform package, teachers and school employees will be off the job for a second day today. Dave Mistich reports on a long, loud day at the Capitol that brought hundreds of teachers to Charleston.
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Unions Call For Day 2 of Teacher Strike, Cite the Slight Chance that SB 451 Could Be RevivedExternal Link
Despite the West Virginia House of Delegates effectively killing a long, sweeping and controversial education reform package, teachers and school employees will be off the job for a second day Wednesday. Leaders of teacher and service personnel unions cited the slightest of chances that Senate Bill 451 could be revived through a House motion to reconsider action on the measure. On Tuesday, the House adopted a motion to postpone the measure indefinitely , effectively killing the bill on a 53-45 vote.
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W.Va. House Energy Committee Passes Stripped-Down Water Quality StandardsExternal Link
A West Virginia House committee on Tuesday, Feb. 19, voted down an amendment that would have restored the state’s water quality standards to the version originally proposed by state environmental regulators last summer. The House Energy Committee rejected an amendment by Del. Evan Hansen, a Democrat representing Monongalia County, that would have re-inserted 60 proposed human health water quality standard updates into the state rules that govern pollution discharge into the state’s streams and rivers. The Water Quality Standards rule within SB 163, formerly SB 167, has been embroiled in controversy since lawmakers first considered it in the Senate Rulemaking Review Committee in late November. At the behest of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association, the committee agreed to remove 60 updates to human health standards that the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) had proposed. Since then, the 60 updates were added back in by the Senate Energy, Industry and
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‘Omnibus’ Education Reform Bill is Dead, Or Is It?External Link
Teachers and school workers were on strike in 54 of West Virginia’s 55 counties Tuesday. But shortly after 12:30 p.m., the controversial education bill, which drove them out of school, was postponed indefinitely by a motion in the House of Delegates. Host Suzanne Higgins and Senior Statehouse Reporter Dave Mistich discuss the action on the bill, and the leaders of the teachers and school service personnel unions join the show to discuss whether the bill could have another shot at passage.
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